Startup Profile


Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Sustainable and intelligent solutions for dredgings, ports and coasts

The Problem:

Difficulty in implementing sustainable solutions in port and coastal projects

The Solution:

We have focused on presenting to our clients engineering projects conceived based on two concepts: 1) "Building with Nature", where we seek to use the natural processes in favor of the venture and 2) in the case of dredging ventures we were based on "Beneficial Use "where dredged material is treated as a resource to be used.

The Differentiator:

Team experience, knowledge of the needs of the market in which we operate, good reputation with the main clientes, wide network of national and international partners, team trained in Ponta Technological Tools

Biggest Achievement:

One of the biggest solutions involving both founders was the introduction to the country of a large -volume disposal and confinement technique of contaminated dredged material, which allowed the environmental recovery of estuary highly polluted and degraded. The results were presented in different international congresses, being the last in Copenhagen (Denmark) during the World Dredging Congress, where this work was the only representative of Brazil and South America

Programme themes:

Upstream Decarbonization

Team members:

Mauricio Torronteguy


    Juliana Menegucci