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Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Asset management company in the O&G sector that develops AI software.

The Problem:

The appearance of events not programmed in operations, which may compromise the availability of assets such as equipment stops, which lead to increased unproversed costs and emissions and undermine the safety of the entire team and/or environment, may occur due to numerous factors. such as the implementation/inadequate prioritization of maintenance plans, degradation/malfunction of equipment, anomalies in the operation, etc. At the same time, the execution of unnecessary interventions also compromise the availability of the asset, as the operation needs to be interrupted for the execution of maintenance. To mitigate this problem, redundant equipment is placed in the operation, but this contributes to the increase in investment Capex. In certain industrial systems, the appearance of problems related to the availability of assets and emissions occur at the same time, for example three -phase separators.

The Solution:

MindSim Digital Twin is software that increases asset availability, reduces maintenance/ inspection costs, reduces energy cost/ fuel consumption and/ or reduces industrial systems and/ or equipment emissions by providing the operation manager at the operation Real time, with information that allows for better asset management. The software collects data from sensor installed in the operation, such as pressure, temperature and flow sensors, analyzes this data and, combined with active engineering information, enables the visualization, diagnosis and prediction of bottlenecks in our clients' industrial systems of Personalized way. In this way, the manager can foresee these bottlenecks and correct them in a planned way, rather than corrective.

The Differentiator:

Our main goal is to make the operation and maintenance of our users safer, less polluting, and less costly through artificial intelligence software, big data and analytics that monitor and predict operational problems in advance by allowing the manager to be able to prevent them. Ahead of this, our differential lies in the fact that we customize our products that we sell to our customers. We do not work with a mass and personalized sale where our consumer buys a product that after a short time will be dated. Our products are adapted according to the specific needs of each client so that they have access to future updates and improvements in the software offered. A delivery that larger companies, because they have a more automatic and less personalized sales process, are unable to do.

Biggest Achievement:

At Petrobras, we were able to increase the availability of the submarine system by using our digital twin/analytics software. In Subsea 7, we used MMT in the maintenance management of Seven Cruzeiro (RSV) and other boats of the Brazilian fleet, and can be used by other vessels of the world fleet. In addition, the implementation of MMT and Digital Twin are being evaluated by companies such as Oceanpact, Constellation Oil Services, Furnas and Sapura. We were one of the first companies to be connected with the startup factory, now Bolder, and to Energy Hub, two innovation hubs in Rio de Janeiro. In 2021, Mindsim was selected to participate in a P&D project with Petrobras, through Innovation Connections, organized by Sebrae, which was in the second round. In the same year there are several partners to us such as *Medialab, from the Fluminense Federal University, UFF, which is giving us technical and scientific support for the project with Petrobras. The Impedance Group, a French company of predictive maintenance software technology that integrates with one of our solutions. Nvidia, more specifically through Nvidia Inception, the hub that provides technical support for us. And Infotech, a consulting and outsourcing company that uses our software in managing scheduled stops.

Programme themes:

Upstream Decarbonization

Team members:

Felipe Warwar Murad


Bruno Telmo

Co Founder

    Thiago Almeida





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                      Marcus Amaral



                        IA Consultant