Startup Profile

Iara Systems

Recife, Brazil

We deliver inspection and monitoring systems using computational vision

The Problem:

We deal with engineering problems normally focused on the oil and gas offshore market, where we verify a range of opportunities to digit flexible duct inspection and monitor, where these processes usually occur manually and inaccurately, depending on the merely human vision .

The Solution:

"Our first product developed was Sois, a digital twin tool focused on the inspection and monitoring of flexible ducts in direct vertical connection installations. The solution was conceived in conjunction with Petrobras, where we appear in the patent of technology as inventors. Today we are licensed by Petrobras to marke the solution. We also provide ICED, a computational -based hardware and software -based tool that inspect the external flexible duct cover in search of anomalies."

The Differentiator:

"We have a strong academic background, where we apply research in the development of state of the art solutions, with a diverse and multidisciplinary team, with engineering experts, computer science, design and administration. Today we are supported by UFPE Pootec, with a physical and laboratory structure, and mentoring. We have strong partners such as Petrobras, which we are licensed to sell the Sois tool, and with whom we also developed other PD & IS. And we maintain a very close partner relationship with Sapura Marítimo Navigation, a multinational that operates in the offshore service field on behalf of Petrobras and has a 9 ships structure to its service."

Biggest Achievement:

We developed the solutions through R&D with Petrobras. The solution resulted in a patent of innovation where we appear as inventors. The tool was awarded by Inova Petrobras. Today we are also licensed by it for commercialization. We were also awarded by the Mining Hub program for developing a proof of concept with Vale, aiming at detecting iron ore contaminants.