Startup Profile


Jataí, GO, Brazil

Agrobiotech specialized in microalgae for sustainable agriculture

The Problem:

We aim to combat the problem of low efficiency in fertilization, soil desertification, increased pests, diseases and low productivity.

The Solution:

Our solution is Microalgae Technology for Sustainable Agriculture, which consists of an organic and biological biofertilizer produced from microalgae that perform different functions in agricultural production bringing fertility to the ground, growth hormones for plants and resistance induction for the whole production in a sustainable way.

The Differentiator:

Our differential, besides offering a bioinsum from the new generation based on microalgae, we are pioneers in Brazil in the use of microalgae for sustainable agriculture, operating in Brazil since 2020 and with agricultural validations in different crops such as soy, corn and sugarcane, and acting in all the regions of Brazil. In the first half of 2023 there were more than 20 thousand liters of products delivered to different producers in Brazil. And finally, we are the only one with a microalgae onfarm system that carries the microalgae production system into the farm generating a 60% economy for the client and reduced environmental impact of the production chain.

Biggest Achievement:

On our journey we have already received an indication as innovative technology at BRICS 2020, nomination for the “The Best Microalgae Awards” award, Inova Agrobrasília Award and the participation of Softex Connect Startup Programs, StartBSB, FAPDF, Entrepreneurial Capital, Catalisa ICT and Inova Sebrae Amazon totaling 120,000 dollars.

Programme themes:

Nature Based Solutions AND Sustainable Agriculture & Forests

Team members:

Dagon Ribeiro


Tulio Moreira