Startup Profile


Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Woman-owned cleantech that generates impact through sustainable solutions.

The Problem:

Global food security finds challenges due to population growth, and it is essential to overcome outdated agricultural practices that limit efficiency and productivity. The environmental damage resulting from them is an urgent concern because bee species are vulnerable to extinction due to the indiscriminate use of chemicals, representing a severe threat to pollination and biodiversity. The beekeeping chain faces structural, commercial, and distribution challenges.

The Solution:

Bee2Be pioneers sustainable solutions and social responsibility via eco-friendly farming, curbing chemicals, bolstering bee safeguarding, and enhancing pollination. We offer farm pollination via local beekeepers, supported by Bee2Be. We purchase their products at fair rates, selling to other firms. An internal fund aids distribution and R&D. We tackle commercial challenges through strategies and partnerships.

The Differentiator:

Bee2Be employs pollination to enhance agriculture, conserve biomes, and restore lands. About products, we prioritize pollen and propolis because they have greater commercialization potential and margin. We serve the B2B market. Our two monetization sources are connected by considering environmental, socioeconomic, and health and well-being impacts, making us a unique company.

Biggest Achievement:

Bee2Be was recognized at Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon as the best impact startup. At Web Summit 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, we were selected as one of the best startups of the event, being present on stage Main during the opening ceremony. We tested our pollination service on the largest coconut farm in Brazil, in Bahia, and launched our pollen in the United States, with our client United Center, home of Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox.

Programme themes:

Nature Based Solutions AND Sustainable Agriculture & Forests

Team members:

Vitor André Lopes da Costa Cruz

Chief Impact Officer

Simone Aparecida de Almeida Ponce

Chief Executive Officer

Katie Savarise

Chief Operations Officer