Startup Profile


Jundiaí, SP, Brazil

End-to-end solution for integrated forest fire management.

The Problem:

Slow approach to undetected forest and agricultural fires

The Solution:

Umgrauemeio developed the software Pantera®, a fire management platform as a service solution. Pantera® Platform provides technologies for prevention, early detection, fast response, and impact data analysis measurement, such as CO2 emissions from avoided wildfires.

The Differentiator:

The hardware and software solution is capable of automatically detecting fire outbreaks within a 15 km radius in 3 minutes which reduces environmental and asset losses up to 90%.

Biggest Achievement:

23 paying customers Representing 113 detection towers Present in 9 states TRL 9

Programme themes:

Smart City

Team members:

Osmar Bambini

CEO & Co-Founder

Rogerio Carvalho

COO & Co-Founder

Cristiano Cecatti

CFO & Co-Founder

Antonio Leblanc

CTO & Co Founder