Startup Profile

Tupinambá Energy

São Paulo, Brazil

Electric vehicle charging network and mobile platform.

The Problem:

No practicality, comfort and autonomy over of EV chargers when needed. Lack of charging infrastructure and charging station downtime.

The Solution:

A platform with charging stations and an App to locate, charge and pay for a recharge. Tupinambá developed a real time electric vehicle recharge management platform. Compatible with any charger, receive usage data and control energy consumption at any time of the day. The portfolio includes chargers, management software, services, applications and media, offering the best charging experience for drivers.

The Differentiator:

An end-to-end solution with UX and CX in focus.

Biggest Achievement:

5000 unique users 100 charging stations Countrywide in Brazil TRL 9

Programme themes:

Renewable Energy

Team members:

Clemente Gauer

CEO & Co-founder

Davi Bertoncello

CTO & Co-Founder

Gustavo Gontijo

CMO & Co-Founder