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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Development of 100% renewable and compostable bioplastics for plastic items.

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The Problem:

In recent years, the environmental crisis caused by petrochemical plastic has been greatly intensified by uncontrolled production and consumption.

The Solution:

The main product, Biodegradable Natural Plastic (PNB), is fabricated from typical Brazilian agro-industrial raw material and waste that would previously be used as animal feed or disposed of in landfills. In this way, the reuse of this residue allows the reduction of the final costs of the PNB, making its price competitive, in addition to adding value to the residues. The PNB is directly associated with the circular economy, since at the end of its use in up to 180 days, it becomes organic fertiliser.

The Differentiator:

Biggest Achievement:

22 clients Presence in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. TRL 8

Programme themes:

Energy Solutions

Team members:

Paulo Henrique Cardoso

CEO & Co-Founder

Lucas Batista

CPO & Co-Founder

Luan Campos

CTO & Co-Founder