Startup Profile


João Pessoa, Brazil

Helping companies and industries to reduce energy costs and promote greater energy efficiency.

The Problem:

Failures and anomalies in industrial machines resulting in higher energy usage

The Solution:

An intelligent energy meter that captures data from machines and uses it to identify where the inefficiencies in energy consumption and economy opportunities are. The Mindsun meter eliminates fines, follows demand consumption, sends economy tips, follows the health of machines, warning about machine functioning anomalies, as well as signaling the best options to buy renewable sources.

The Differentiator:

Biggest Achievement:

10 clients Presence in 2 states TRL 7

Programme themes:

Renewable Energy

Team members:

Richard Dantas

CEO & Co-Founder

Mônica Cunha

COO & Co-Founder

Wendson Carlos

CTO & CO-Founder