Startup Profile

Maneje Bem

Florianópolis, Brazil

Technology for smallholder farmers development.

The Problem:

Brazil has more than 4.4M family farmers that lack technological development, as the companies that develop these technologies mainly focus on large producers and industries. In addition, it is estimated that 75.98% of rural workers in Brazil do not have specialized technical assistance, concluding that family farming is an unstructured and underdeveloped sector that often makes buyers insecure, generating unpredictability in the delivery of raw materials.

The Solution:

ManejeBem offers a platform for small farmers to access technology, education and communication that will lead them to get technical assistance when they need it.

The Differentiator:

The same platform collects and analyses data in a systematized way, which works twofold: orientating the planning of action for the development of family-farmer strong supply chain and provides pivotal data for the ESG commitment of the companies.

Biggest Achievement:

11 Clients 2100 users (farmers) Present in 61 cities - 10 states TRL 8

Programme themes:

Smart City

Team members:

Juliana Mattana

CEO & Co-Founder

Juliane Lemos

CEO & Co-Founder

Caroline Luiz Pimenta

COO & Co-Founder