Startup Profile

Lume Robotics

Vitória, Brazil

Robotic solution for autonomous vehicles of all types and sizes.

The Problem:

The high risk of many transport operations, especially those in an industrial environment, as well as the high costs of these operations in a non-optimized way, which increases fuel consumption, the need for maintenance and the replacement of vehicle parts.

The Solution:

The Autonomous Mobility Lume system is composed of a set of sensing and control software and hardware, which gives various types of vehicles the ability to travel completely autonomously, without the need for a human driver . The Lume system creates its own maps and routes and, using dynamic sensor information, is instantly located in these maps and travel autonomously to reach the destination, avoiding static and dynamic obstacles.

The Differentiator:

Integrated system of hardware and software capable of replacing the human driver in all its functions in the transport operation.

Biggest Achievement:

4 paying customers Presence in 4 different cities (3 states) TRL 6

Programme themes:

Smart City

Team members:

Ranik Guidolini

CEO & Co-Founder

Alberto Ferreira de Souza

CTO & Co-Founder

Raphael Vivacqua Carneiro

CFO & Co-Founder