Unlock the power of waste: onsite, modular wastewater-to-energy solution

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Bristol, United Kingdom
USD $1M-$5M
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Thomas Fudge

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About WASE

The Problem:

Globally 80% of wastewater is currently dumped untreated, polluting our environment. To tackle the issues, regulators are increasing restrictions for untreated discharge. As a result, industries are scrambling to find solutions to deal with their wastewater. In most cases, companies are forced to pay £100,000's a year for trucks to collect the wastewater and transport it to specialist treatment facilities. Additional pressures from energy price increases create a difficult environment.

The Solution:

The onsite wastewater-to-energy solution removes high transportation costs and enables users to meet regulations. The customer can turn the high wastewater treatment costs into a valuable energy source that can offset 30% of the energy requirements and decarbonise their electrical and thermal demands. The modular solution can be manufactured offsite and deployed quickly with minimal disruption to the customer.

The Differentiator:

We have developed a process called Electro-Methanogenisis which accelerates the breakdown of organics into methane. We have a proprietary membrane-less electrode technology that enables us to treat a wider variety of waste streams compared to competitors and reduces costs. Anaerobic Digestion is our closest competitive technology but we can: 1. Increase energy by >20% 2. Treat waste up to 10X faster 3. Treat the waste 30-50% more to meat new regulations 4. Biosensing for realtime feedback.

Biggest Achievement:

9-month customer demonstration moving tech from TRL 5 to 7. Closed £1.7 million in sales contracts with 5 customers Commercial unit ready for deployment in October 2023. Research contract with GRDF (French Gas Distribution Network) Partnership with Hitachi's Wastewater team.