The Surpluss

The Surpluss

B2B ecosystem that converts underutilized resources into value.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About The Surpluss

The Problem:

Climate change has affected supply chains globally. From raw material price volatility, to container shortages and droughts and labor shortages, there is an urgent requirement to change the business paradigm for more climate-resilient SMEs.

The Solution:

industrial symbiosis offer an excellent means to overcome the current and future trajectories by re-defining waste categories and providing smart-matches to companies in various industries. There are currently no wide-scale commercial applications of industrial symbiosis.

The Differentiator:

We are the first biomimicry inspired digital ecosystem for businesses. We adapted our AI and Machine learning component to learn from failures, and find the quickest path to success modelled of natures' genius! (slime mold networks).

Biggest Achievement:

Before the digital pilot, we have matched over 40 companies and identified more than 100 synergies which have decreased waste, optimized energy, overcome knowledge deficiencies and diverted >10,000kg from landfill in the UAE.