ImpactGulf is a carbon management company dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complexity of climate decisions.

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UAE, United Arab Emirates

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About ImpactGulf

The Problem:

Most companies, employees within a company and people in society are not committed to climate protection. They consider climate action to be either very complicated, a government task or a financial burden.

The Solution:

- We break Decarbonisation down into small & easy-to-implement modules. - We transform climate action into a simple but exciting social tool that engages employees and captures customers’ attention.

The Differentiator:

The social approach enables companies that do not have a sustainability division to take small and simple steps to reach net zero and to finance climate action from the CSR and marketing budget. -- Retain employees and educate students. - Offer green services for customers. - Become a green partner for their global network. - Create an ethical brand visibility.

Biggest Achievement:

- Partnering with a global player in classification, verification, risk management and sustainability consulting to provide comprehensive ESG strategies and sustainability solutions. - Working with a leading retailer in the UAE to provide social climate solutions to customers. - Working with a leading financial institution in the UAE to develop regional carbon offset projects.