Nanotechnology and soil environmental functions

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Metropolitan Region Ribeirão Preto-SP, Brazil
USD $1M-$5M

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About Quanticum

The Problem:

Every year, 490 billion dollars are invested worldwide to solve problems related to the imbalance in the environmental and agronomic functions of the soil. Every year, more than 13 million hectares worldwide are inadequately managed, according to the UN FAO agricultural sector. We help solve problems related to the imbalance of soil ecosystem functions. Studys estimates the values ​​of the soil's environmental function at more than US$80 trillion per year.

The Solution:

Terrus, a 2020 innovation by Quanticum with support from FAPESP, transforms soil nanoparticle data into an index, revealing agronomic and environmental insights. Patented and backed by over US$2 million in projects, it has mapped 20 million hectares in Brazil. Explore our sector-specific solutions in forestry, bioenergy and carbon. Explore Terrus Café, a project with the world's largest coffee cooperative, supporting 19 thousand small producer < bit.ly/terruscoffee >

The Differentiator:

Recognition: Terrus is globally acknowledged by scientific institutions. Diagnostic stability: Results excel, unaffected by soil conditions. Versatility: A single index serves 20+ agronomic activities. Compact Sensors: Weighing less than 400 grams, ideal for scalable IoT projects. AI-Ready Infrastructure: Calibration for AI across multiple Brazilian states. Strategic Alliances: Signed partnerships with key sector player. Watch a video demonstrating the solution: < bit.ly/SoilTech >

Biggest Achievement:

TIC Ecosystem Services: Ranked in the top 3 in 2021, tied with Ericsson. Open Innovation in Agro: Achieved a notable 2th position in 2022. Innovation Agrishow 2022: Secured the 11th position in a year where the fair generated over $2.5 billion. Global Recognition at COP26: Featured among the Top 50 success cases in 2021. Startups to Watch 2022: Recognized as one of the 100 startups to watch, elected by both small and large companies. Expophorest 2023 Prize: prize for outstanding forest solutions