Packaging solutions using biodegradable bioplastic products.

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Manaus, AM, Brazil
USD $10K-$100K

Management Team

Igor Araújo Pinto avatar

Igor Araújo Pinto

CEO & Co-Founder

Erica Oliveira

CTO & Co-Founder

    Amanda Vasconcellos Farias

    CMO & Co-Founders

      Juliana Costa

      COO & Co-Founder

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        About Bioplazon

        The Problem:

        According to data from the World Economic Forum, by 2050 the oceans will have more plastic than fish, as the rate of waste generation is 5 times greater than the rate of population growth. During the pandemic year that started at the beginning of 2020, we had an increase in the consumption of plastic packaging purchased through food delivery apps, causing a high demand for plastic and an increase in its discards. Having low post-consumer recycling rates. The irresponsible use of these packages is generating a negative socio-environmental impact.

        The Solution:

        Bioplazon produces biodegradable packaging based on the circular economy. We take advantage of agricultural by-products from the production of small and medium producers of food for Amazonian consumption, such as cassava, extracting a new raw material with the use of nanotechnology, which generates the biopolymer used in the manufacture of biopackaging, adding value to this by-product, sustainability and income for communities.

        The Differentiator:

        The customer who purchases the product of compostable and biodegradable biopackaging also has the reverse collection service offered in partnerships with other startups and with a composting center. Facilitating waste treatment logistics by Bioplazon's customer.

        Biggest Achievement:

        A pilot with a large food supplier Working on MVP